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Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
Patrick Schober
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As a sponsor you not only get me ..

There are many young, promising racing pilots lacking sufficient financial support – I am no exception here.

Agreed, I am lucky to have my father, himself a very successful touring car champion both in Slovakia and in Austria, who has helped me with his expertise and experience. In the meantime, he is running his own company, Procar Motorsport, and he is still active organizing motorsport events and offering services like race taxi etc.


All this was vital for me to get to the point where I am today and by comparison I was lucky and able to have spent hours and hundreds of kilometers in Formula racing cars while others my age only know racing from games on their computers and/or their PlayStations. I not only love racing, I live it.


BUT … there are limits to what you can do …

Taking into consideration that motorsport is very expensive and my family‘s limited financial possibilities, it is obvious that I need and depend on substantial financial support in order to continue my career which has been unusually successful so far.

I hold both Austrian and Slovak citizenship which offers me to appeal and raise interest in my career and me on both sides of the common border. Beside all this, potential sponsors may be interested to know that their sponsoring not „only“ involves me but – at the same time – also Procar Motorsport with all their opportunities and potential.

Procar Motorsport organizes dozens of events with more than 1,000 (paying) guests and 5,000 visitors and many high profile company events every year.

All these activities make Procar Motorsport one of the most successful and visible motorsport event organizers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Sponsors rarely find such attractive synergy effects.

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